Dan LoRusso is the creative force behind The Dinosaur Studio. The studio's goal is to meet the demand by institutions and collectors for museum quality restorations of dinosaurs. This goal is to be achieved by the creation of sculpture ranging from small pieces designed for use as toys and models to full-scale works used to inform and inspire museum visitors.

It is The Dinosaur Studio's intent to bring dinosaur sculpture to the public with the highest degree of scientific fidelity and artistic integrity. Close working relationships with top dinosaur paleontologists and world class artists allows The Dinosaur Studio access to the most current, up-to-date information available. Use of this scientific material and knowledge of animal mechanics and behavior -- in conjunction with sculpting expertise -- results in the creation of realistic works of art that are both dynamic and credible.

Sculpture by The Dinosaur Studio has appeared in markets where 3D dinosaur art is required: as toys from Safari Limited and Battat, scaled down museum exhibit pieces, and now life size models. The Dinosaur Studio is also available to render prehistoric fauna as illustrations and paintings.

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